Thinking about getting a pet but already signed your lease?

Here is important information about steps to follow BEFORE a pet moves in.

Unless the pet is on the lease or amended onto the lease it is NOT authorized on the property.

(see paragraph 9 of lease)

Pets are approved on a case by case basis

    There may be size and type restrictions.  NO snakes are permitted at our apartment communities.

 NO animals under 1 year of age are permitted.

Steps to add a pet:

  1. Submit a written request to My House, with full pet description(s) and information. PET REQUEST FROM 
  2. My House will review the request and approve or deny the pet.
  3. If approved – My House will draft a Pet Amendment specific to the pet and send it to you.
    1. There is a $75 fee to draft the Pet Addition Amendment.  If the amendment is not returned within 72 hours there will be an additional $75 fee applied to your register.
    2. All tenants and Co-Signers/Guarantors must agree to have the pet added to the lease and Co-Signers/ Guarantors must sign and notarize the Pet Addition Amendment.
    3. Return the Pet Amendment with all signatures notarized and initialed.
    4. Now your pet has been approved and can move in.

**If a pet is found at the property without prior consent, the tenant(s) shall be charged a $75 fine, 20% per pet per month as additional rent for the entire term of the lease, and/or may be subject to eviction per the lease.


Other things to consider BEFORE you get a pet:

–         Pets are a BIG responsibility.

–         Owning a pet can become costly with unexpected vet visits, licensing, and proper care.

–         Pets add wear and tear to homes, potentially creating additional costs for you, (pet waste, damages to flooring/doors, etc.), that you will be responsible for at lease end, (see picture).

–         All pet owners must adhere to City Ordinances and are responsible for all actions of the pet, (ex. leash laws, unreasonable barking, licensing, dogs at large, biting).

We at My House love our Furry Family Members, however we take adding them to the lease very seriously because we want to make sure it is in the best interest of the property owner, the tenants, the home, and the pet.


Please contact our office with any additional questions.